MEMS Application for the Intake 2022

Welcome to the online application system for the Master's Program in Economics & Management Science. Please read our MEMS Online Application Guide carefully.

You will need to create an account online using your email address. Please use this email address also for any enquiries to us. You do not need to complete the form at one sitting; you can return to your partially completed application by logging in to the system using the email address and password you create at the start of the process.

In case that you did not receive the authentication link although you gave a valid email address, please look in your spam folder first. Though it is rare, some email service providers can block auto-generated emails from our system. In such cases, please try again with a different email address.

Please upload your supporting documents in this online application. You can scan and upload transcripts and request references to be submitted online. The online application allows you to submit your complete application securely and quickly. You may submit your application before your referees submit their letters; we will match the references to your application.

Application Deadline: March 31st, 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure, please contact us at: